General Principles of QSP

  • Purchase of START or PRODUCT package for equipment purchased under
    max 2 months - the products participating in the program listed on the site.

  • The purchased package for a given product is valid for 3 years.

  • Replacement within the QSP program is sent if the repair of the product
    will last longer than 5 days (evaluated by the service department).

  • During this time it is possible to get a replacement for the time of repair of the equipment.

Method of operation

  1. Buy a Quadralite product from any store (current participating products

  • Quadralite Atlas

  • Quadralite Reporter

  • Quadralite Move

  • Quadralite Pulse

  • Quadralite Pulse Pro X

  1. Within 2 months of purchasing the above equipment, purchase the START package
    (PLN 150) when starting to participate in the program - this cost includes the registration of 1
    product included in the QSP program. Every next product can be registered
    buy PRODUCT package (30PLN - cost of registering 1 product).

  2. Complete the registration form on the Quadralite website (at the bottom you will find
    form) -

  3. Send a scan confirming the purchase of the equipment (purchase made up to 2 months max)
    and scan of your purchase of START or PRODUCT package to the following e-mail address -

  4. From this point the product is protected for 3 years.

  5. Send the broken equipment to the service centre and inform about the participation in QSP program by sending full data.

  6. Service assesses the duration of the repair of the equipment and if the time is estimated at
    more than 5 days then sends information about the situation to the following address with the details of the person participating in the QSP program.

  7. The product is verified as being in compliance with the purchase package and the person
    QSP program.Przesłanie umowy do klienta.

  8. An agreement is made to rent new equipment for the time of repair.

  9. The contract is sent to the customer.

  10. Shipment of replacement equipment (not justified from where - service or warehouse)
    The replacement equipment is returned 7 days after delivery of the repaired equipment by the service center.
    repaired equipment by the service center.

Link to QSP program website -

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