Spare batteries for non-stop creativity

Spare batteries are indispensable for anyone whose passion for photography and videography extends beyond a weekend hobby. Even seemingly straightforward shoots can unexpectedly extend for hours or even the whole day due to unexpected delays, downtime, or frequent location changes. Prolonged on-set work demands a reliable power supply, not just for the camera, but for all other equipment involved in the shoot. This is particularly important for outdoor shoots, where immediate battery recharging isn't always feasible. By securing a power supply ahead of the project, we can minimize potential extra time on set and ensure a worry-free workflow, without constant concern about the battery life.

Quadralite Stroboss camera flash batteries

Hot shoe flash users are particularly aware of the necessity for a spare power source. The potent light packed into such a compact casing can deplete batteries rather quickly, especially during action-packed photoshoots. A steady supply of flash batteries is indispensable for any strobing kit or Off-Camera Flash (OCF) lighting system, even those with a single light source. When developing our camera flashes, we acknowledged that the single battery included in the kit might not always be enough. Hence, in this category, we provide additional batteries for Quadralite Stroboss EVO flashes, enabling you to notably prolong their operational time during a photoshoot. Unlike traditional AA batteries, these offer a considerably higher number of flash triggers and a significantly quicker flash recycling time.

Atlas outdoor flash power supply options

Battery-powered flashes can deplete their energy quickly, which is why ensuring you have sufficient battery supplies is crucial for outdoor lighting setup. While Quadralite's Atlas series flashes come with batteries of higher capacity compared to those used in the Stroboss and Reporter series, they can still run out during intense and extended sessions. To address this challenge, we offer spare batteries for Quadralite Atlas outdoor lighting, allowing you to extend their operational time in the field and enhance the overall session experience, avoiding any risk of interruptions. However, battery power isn't always practical, especially for photographers who mainly work in studio spaces and take on outdoor assignments only occassionally. In such scenarios, a valuable addition to their equipment would be the Quadralite Atlas flash and LED AC adapters, enabling them to be connected to a wall outlet in a home or professional photography studio.

Backup chargers for Quadralite lights

Managing the assortment of batteries and chargers essential for your daily tasks can occasionally pose a challenge. Nowadays we rely on a wide array of equipment, not limited to photography alone. Amidst the tangle of cables, connectors, and adapters, it's not uncommon for the original chargers that come with our lights to go astray during equipment relocation or to naturally deteriorate due to extensive use. To address these scenarios, we've included spare mains chargers for Stroboss EVO and Atlas batteries in the section below. These chargers are designed to seamlessly replace any lost or damaged accessories. What's more, these models are identical to the ones provided with Quadralite flashes. Upon replacement, you won't discern any difference between the old and the new units.

Quadralite's best NP-F video batteries

Most LED panels from Quadralite come with a power cable, but they can also be powered by rechargeable batteries. Depending on the model, one or two NP-F series batteries are needed, which are commonly used for LED lights, video cameras, or monitors. Quadralite's NP-F750 and NP-F970 batteries stand out with their practical power bank function. Not only can they power filming equipment, but they can also charge smartphones or other accessories. These batteries also feature a handy charge level indicator, allowing users to quickly check their remaining power and determine when a replacement is due.

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