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If you're considering buying a flash for outdoor photography, it's crucial to keep spare parts in mind. One vital part is the flash tube - the most fragile and frequently replaced piece of any flash unit, even with minimal and low-intensity use. To maintain the longevity and functionality of your equipment, we offer replacement flash tubes for Quadralite Atlas 600 flash lights, as well as a high-power flash tube for the Quadralite FH1200 flash extension head. This assures every photographer that even in the event of a malfunction or wear and tear of factory parts, they won't be left in the dark in their daily work. The spare flash tube is a guarantee of the reliable operation of the battery-powered outdoor flash.

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Quadralite Atlas FT1200 palnik błyskowy

Price zł1,145.00

Atlas FT1200 to palnik błyskowy przeznaczony do głowicy błyskowej Atlas FH1200. Jest wyposażony w osłonę wykonaną z hartowanego szkła, która posiada szereg otworów wentylacyjnych. Palnik można bardzo szybko i łatwo wymienić bez dodatkowych narzędzi.