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Quadralite LED Light Bulb 40W E27

Price zł59.00

Quadralite LED Light Bulb 40W E27 is a bulb using LED technology that provides high quality light (CRI> 92) and can be successfully used in both photographic and film lighting. Ideally suited to home studios or as a supplement to professional lamps.

Quadralite VideoLED 600 LED Light

Price zł565.00

Quadralite VideoLED 600 is a lamp that combines the advantages of lighting based on LEDs and the features of studio flash lamps that allow you to use a wide range of light modifiers. The distinguishing feature of VideoLED 600 is the high power of continuous light, so it can be used not only in...

Quadralite Reporter S-holder

Price zł115.00

Quadralite Reporter S-holder is a low weight holder, which allows one to use Bowens mount modifiers with speedlites.

Quadralite Thea 450 LED Panel Kit

Price zł975.00

The Quadralite Thea 450 panel LED Kit is a studio-ready lighting kit right out of the box. The set of two powerful lamps that you can place on tripods with a maximum height of 195cm will allow you to create a fully professional studio space even in a small space.

Quadralite Thea RGB 150 LED Panel

Price zł265.00

The Quadralite Thea RGB 150 LED panel stands out from other products by its ability to reproduce almost any RGB colour. Thea RGB panel can connect directly to your smartphone via a dedicated Quadralite app so you can control all its settings using your smartphone. It's extremely handy when you...

Quadralite Navigator X Basic 2.4 GHz transmitter

Price zł115.00

Quadralite Navigator 2.4 GHz is a System X transmitter for remote triggering and control of the triggering power of Godox and Quadralite reporter and studio lamps (models equipped with a System X receiver).

Quadralite softbox 40x180

Price zł265.00

High quality 180x40cm softbox by Quadralite. The softbox is equipped with a Bowens mounting ring, the softbox also has an additional diffuser.

Quadralite Navigator X Plus Transmitter for Nikon

Price zł275.00

Navigator X Plus transmitter allows you to wirelessly control studio strobes and speedlites made by Quadralite. You can use manual mode to precisely adjust flash power output from the distance up to 100 m. However automatic flash metering mode (TTL) is also available together with high-speed sync...

Quadralite Verso 190 AL light stand

Price zł115.00

Quadralite Verso 190 AL is a tripod made of aluminum, similar to its lighter version Quadralite Verso 200 CF Stand. It also complements the Quadralite Air tripods line, which is characterized by classic design. Thanks to its compact size, the Verso 190 AL is an ideal tool for photographers who...

Quadralite Hexadecagon 120 Softbox

Price zł545.00

Quadralite Hexadecagon is a softbox that provides a very soft, yet easy to control light, regardless of whether we work in the studio or outdoors. Its 16-shaft hexadecagon construction provides appealing circular catchlights in the subject eyes, which makes it an ideal tool for portraits, fashion...