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Once reserved for professionals equipped with the right gear, outdoor photography using powerful studio lights has significantly evolved in recent years with the introduction of outdoor flash lighting. These lights come with powerful rechargeable batteries, allowing photo shoots to be conducted virtually anywhere. They are also notably convenient and easy to transport.

Is an outdoor flash necessary for photos?

During an outdoor photo shoot, it's entirely possible to rely solely on natural lighting. However, a well-chosen outdoor flash can help you achieve remarkable effects, drawing the viewer’s attention to the pivotal elements of the photo - be it the model or object. So, when should you use a flash for outdoor sessions? This equipment proves useful in any situation demanding an evenly lit foreground and background in the image. Furthermore, it can help you prevent the formation of harsh, dark shadows on the subject's face, particularly on sunny days.

Choosing the right light for outdoor shoots

Quadralite outdoor lighting comes in a broad spectrum of power options to meet the gear needs of every photographer. Our extensive selection of outdoor flashes ranges from the basic, compact Reporter 200, perfect for overcast days, to the exceptionally potent Atlas 600, capable of illuminating photos even in intense sunlight. These units are also fully compatible with diverse selection of light modifiers - some come factory-equipped with a standard Bowens mount, while others can be fitted with the same using suitable adapters or brackets.

Explore outdoor flash features & capabilities

Despite their seemingly compact design, outdoor flashes provide all the functionalities of a studio flash and even more! Alongside the standard power control, Quadralite outdoor flashes also offer comprehensive flash automation (TTL) and high-speed sync (HSS). Moreover, each model comes equipped with a radio receiver, compatible with the Quadralite Navigator X triggering system. All you need to purchase is a transmitter to experience a fully functional outdoor flash.

Best outdoor flash for wedding photography

Wedding photography is a challenging profession, one that cannot rely solely on natural and ambient light. Hot shoe flashes are commonly used in wedding coverage, but it often falls short in providing adequate illumination. Outdoor flashes, however, not only offer superior flash power but also provide the flexibility to modify it using various tools like softboxes, reflectors, and more! These lights can brilliantly illuminate up both indoor wedding hall photos and outdoor wedding sessions.

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Quadralite Reporter 200 Pro TTL flashgun

Price zł1,945.00

Reporter 200 Pro TTL combines all the advantages of portable speedlites by adding the efficiencyand light quality of studio strobes. The flash can be used in both automatic (TTL) and manual (M) modes, and the built-in Navigator X radio system receiver means it can be controlled remotely.This...

Quadralite Atlas LED

Price zł1,825.00

Atlas LED combines advantages of a constant lighting solution based on LED, i.e. high efficiency, low working temperature and light quality, with a flexible option to attach a range of light modifiers designed for studio flashes with Bowens mount.

Quadralite Atlas 600 Flash

Price zł2,475.00

Atlas 600 is a Quadralite studio lamp, whose maximum flash energy is equal to 600Ws with the possibility of its extremely wide adjustment in the range of 8 degrees of aperture (1/1 - 1/256). The lamp is powered by a battery and does not require connection to the mains, which favors its versatile...

Quadralite Atlas 400 Pro TTL Flash

Price zł3,355.00

The best feature of Atlas 400 Pro TTL is very high stability and repeatability in the entire range of flash energy regulation. In situations where high precision and uniformity of light are required, the User can activate the Color Mode. In this setting, regardless of how much power is set, the...