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Quadralite Atlas 400 Pro TTL

Price zł3,355.00

The best feature of Atlas 400 Pro TTL is very high stability and repeatability in the entire range of flash energy regulation. In situations where high precision and uniformity of light are required, the User can activate the Color Mode. In this setting, regardless of how much power is set, the...

Quadralite Reporter 200 Pro TTL lampa błyskowa

Price zł1,945.00

Reporter 200 Pro TTL to lampa błyskowa która łączy w sobie wszystkie zalety przenośnych lamp reporterskich dodając wydajność i jakość   światła znaną z lamp studyjnych. Flesz może być stosowany zarówno w trybie automatycznym (TTL) jak i ręcznym (M), a wbudowany odbiornik systemu radiowego...

Quadralite Atlas 600 studio lamp

Price zł2,475.00

Atlas 600 is a Quadralite studio lamp, whose maximum flash energy is equal to 600Ws with the possibility of its extremely wide adjustment in the range of 8 degrees of aperture (1/1 - 1/256). The lamp is powered by a battery and does not require connection to the mains, which favors its versatile...

Quadralite Atlas LED

Price zł1,825.00

Atlas LED combines advantages of a constant lighting solution based on LED, i.e. high efficiency, low working temperature and light quality, with a flexible option to attach a range of light modifiers designed for studio flashes with Bowens mount.