Best portable lighting for outdoor photography

Introducing the Quadralite Atlas outdoor photography lighting series, a versatile lighting solution designed for photographers and filmmakers who work both outdoors and inside the studio. Despite their compact size and resemblance to traditional studio flash units, the Quadralite Atlas series stands out with its reliable battery-powered design. Each model comes with a high-capacity battery, ensuring uninterrupted creativity for hours on end, even during outdoor shoots or in locations without electricity. If you're aiming for professional results and complete control over each shot's final appearance, the Quadralite Atlas outdoor lighting series is your ideal choice.

Quadralite Atlas outdoor portrait flash

Quadralite Atlas outdoor flashes stand as an indispensable tool for seasoned and professional photographers, earning the trust of artists all across Europe over many years. With them, you'll unlock a realm of creative freedom, enabling the crafting of striking lighting setups during every photoshoot. Using these flashes lets you control where exactly the light goes and how strong it is, giving your photos a special artistic quality. Each flash unit not only provides automatic flash capabilities (TTL), but also features the HSS mode, which allows you to reduce exposure time up to 1/8000 and shoot with a wide-open aperture for a captivating field of view, even in broad daylight. The Quadralite Atlas lights excel even under the challenging conditions of midday sun, courtesy of their impressive flash power. They efficiently balance the exposure between the subject and background, seamlessly bridging the gap even in intense sunlight scenarios.

Which Quadralite Atlas flash should I choose?

Atlas outdoor flashes are available two different power options: 400 and 600 Ws. Each model delivers stable parameters, verified by numerous tests, ensuring the utmost precision in lighting. They are perfectly suited for outdoor sessions during full or setting sun - their potent flash effectively balances natural light, equalizing the exposure in both the photo's foreground and background. The Atlas LED portable lamp with a 60-watt power capacity also deserves mention among this series' equipment. It serves as an excellent solution for film productions shot in diverse locations - its relatively compact size allows for easy transportation.

Quadralite Atlas flash heads

Quadralite Atlas 600 lights can also be upgraded with special flash heads which provide even more versatility to your setup. These compact devices are attached in the place of the flashtube, seamlessly extending the capabilities of the light. The lengthy power cable allows you to securely mount the light on a higher point such as a boom, c-stand, or any limited space area a regular studio flash won’t fit into. Each flash head features an LED modeling light which allows you to preview the final effect the flash creates, without the need for test shots. In addition to the standard FH-600 and FH-600 Pro single-light models, the FH-1200 flash head allows two Atlas 600 lamps to be combined into a single 1200-watt light source.

Atlas flash accessories & light modifiers

Every flash unit and head in the Atlas series comes equipped with a photography umbrella slot, as well as a standard Bowens mount, allowing the installation of a wide variety of light modifiers, including softboxes, beauty dishes, bowl reflectors or snoots. Besides an in-built rechargeable battery, these lights also provide the option to be powered via AC adapters found in this category. Quadralite further offers all essential accessories for Atlas lights, including spare parts like flash tubes, batteries, and chargers. Special mounting adapters are available as well, allowing the attachment of light modifiers made specifically for Broncolor and Profoto lighting systems.

Power supply options for Quadralite Atlas lights

The Quadralite Atlas flash series provides multiple power supply options, granting you the freedom to operate in any setting. All models feature an integrated rechargeable battery, enabling usage in virtually any location, eliminating any concerns over the availability of power outlets or bulky cables. Additional replacement batteries are on offer for extended outdoor use. For photographers who primarily work in studios, the Quadralite Atlas lights can be further outfitted with an AC adapter, allowing the light to be directly plugged into a standard wall outlet. This versatile and adaptable power solution prepares Quadralite Atlas lights for any challenge, irrespective of location or working conditions.

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Quadralite Atlas FT1200 palnik błyskowy

Price zł1,145.00

Atlas FT1200 to palnik błyskowy przeznaczony do głowicy błyskowej Atlas FH1200. Jest wyposażony w osłonę wykonaną z hartowanego szkła, która posiada szereg otworów wentylacyjnych. Palnik można bardzo szybko i łatwo wymienić bez dodatkowych narzędzi.

Quadralite Atlas LED

Price zł1,825.00

Atlas LED combines advantages of a constant lighting solution based on LED, i.e. high efficiency, low working temperature and light quality, with a flexible option to attach a range of light modifiers designed for studio flashes with Bowens mount.

Quadralite Atlas PowerPack battery

Price zł785.00

Quadralite Atlas PowerPack is an extra 8700mAh battery module for Quadtalite Atlas 600 and Quadralite Atlas 600 TTL monolights.

Quadralite Atlas 600 Flash

Price zł2,475.00

Atlas 600 is a Quadralite studio lamp, whose maximum flash energy is equal to 600Ws with the possibility of its extremely wide adjustment in the range of 8 degrees of aperture (1/1 - 1/256). The lamp is powered by a battery and does not require connection to the mains, which favors its versatile...