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Looking for a simple and convenient way to modify the light of Quadralite Reporter 200 flashes? At the Quadralite store, you'll discover an extensive selection of add-ons and accessories. These will enable you to create a multitude of lighting effects with just a single compact flash. Each modifier has been meticulously crafted to fulfil photographers' needs, offering not only effortless installation and ergonomic designs, but also the capability to alter light characteristics without requiring extra brackets or other mounting parts.

Reporter 200 Pro TTL accessories

Some of the most sought-after accessories in the category include the Reporter Softbox Octa — a compact octagonal softbox with a grid, designed for the bare-bulb, Type B head. The Reporter 200 Barn Door Accessory Kit is also worth noting; it's a magnetic accessory kit tailored for the speedlite Type A head, offering a barn door with grid and four basic color filters. The Round Head Accessory Kit is the most comprehensive magnetic accessory kit, supplying all the essential add-ons a photographer may require when using the round head on the Reporter 200 or the Stroboss V1 camera flash – complete with barn doors, grid, diffuser, snoot, and an array of color correction filters.

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Quadralite Reporter beauty dish

Price zł132.00 zł165.00

Quadralite Reporter Beauty Dish to modyfikator typu beauty dish dedykowany do lamp Quadralite Reporter.

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