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How to select the right lighting for your studio?

Are you trying to pick your first photography or filming gear, but feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of options in photography stores? Don't worry, we have a solution! For creatives setting up their lighting system, we offer ready-made studio lighting kits based on popular flash and LED lights available at Quadralite. Each kit includes at least two light sources, giving you both reliable options and chances to get creative with your photography or filming.

Studio photography flash kit

Photographers setting up their first creative space can save both time and money by investing in a studio flash kit. Each kit includes Bowens light modifiers, such as softboxes and photographic umbrellas, along with robust lighting tripods. To maximize the potential of Quadralite flashes, the only additional purchase required is a Navigator X series radio trigger, compatible with your specific camera model.

LED lighting kits for filmmaking

Creating YouTube videos? Streaming live on Twitch? The LED light kits featured below are designed specifically for you - the modern-day visual storytellers. They deliver professional-grade lighting solutions that can elevate your video quality to impressive heights. Packed with top-tier panels and adjustable-intensity LED lights, these kits ensure a smooth, natural illumination, whether you're filming at home or on-location, powered by the reliable NP-F battery. Embrace the difference that great lighting can make!

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Quadralite SVL-400 LED 3 light kit

Price zł2,175.00

Quadralite SVL-400 LED 3 light kit is a set aimed at anyone wishing to easily create a complete film or photo studio. This kit includes 3x SVL-400 LEDs, along with tripods and a set of accessories to realize any creative vision.

Quadralite Thea 450 LED Panel Kit

Price zł828.75 zł975.00

The Quadralite Thea 450 panel LED Kit is a studio-ready lighting kit right out of the box. The set of two powerful lamps that you can place on tripods with a maximum height of 195cm will allow you to create a fully professional studio space even in a small space.

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Quadralite Up! X 400 Kit

Price zł1,135.00

Quadralite Up! X 400, the smallest and cheapest set in our offer. There are two Quadralite Up! X lamps with a power of 200 Ws, two lighting stands, two transparent umbrellas, one reflector. Note: 1 reflector included.

Quadralite Up! X 700 Kit

Price zł1,995.00

The most comprehensive lighting kit from the Up! X series, which includes two Quadralite Up! X 200 and one Quadralite Up! X 300 studio flash light, along with three lighting stands, a white transparent umbrella, a softbox, a bowl reflector, and barndoors complete with a grid and color filters.

Quadralite Up! X 600 Kit

Price zł1,395.00

The kit introduces a full package of basic studio equipment, including two Quadralite Up! X 300 studio flash lights, two lighting stands, a white transparent umbrella, an umbrella-type softbox, and a bowl reflector.

Quadralite Move X 300 kit

Price zł1,675.00

This two-light setup is made to be used as a basic studio kit for portrait photography. Thanks to included 60x90cm softbox you can achieve very soft and smooth light which is so desired in portraits. Move X 300 Kit also features two 200cm studio stands and silver umbrella.

Quadralite Move X 200 kit

Price zł1,495.00

The Quadralite Move X 200 set was created for photographers starting their adventure with studio photography. The set allows you to build a small, home studio perfectly suited to portrait and product photography at an affordable price. The set consists of two Quadralite Move X 200 lamps with...

Quadralite Move X 400 kit

Price zł2,575.00

The Quadralite Move X 400 set has been designed to find application not only in amateur but also in a professional studio. This is the most powerful of the offered Move X sets.