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Quadralite Reporter 200 Pro TTL lampa błyskowa

Price zł1,945.00

Reporter 200 Pro TTL to lampa błyskowa która łączy w sobie wszystkie zalety przenośnych lamp reporterskich dodając wydajność i jakość   światła znaną z lamp studyjnych. Flesz może być stosowany zarówno w trybie automatycznym (TTL) jak i ręcznym (M), a wbudowany odbiornik systemu radiowego...

Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL Extension Flash Head

Price zł195.00

This extension head is dedicated for Reporter 200 TTL flash. Main purpose of this product is to add more flexibility in flash set-up and increase comfort of work with any sort of boom stands, rigs, arms and camera attachments designed to support flashes and other add-on’s.

Quadralite A1 - smartphone monolight

Price zł349.00

The gate to the world of studio photography. This is the shortest description of this unique product that we can come up with. Small, compact and affordable accessory that can really extend your smartphone's capabilities and gives you a lot of new ideas and opportunities to shoot better photos.