Portable flash for outdoor shooting

The Quadralite Reporter is a well-crafted flash system that comes with custom accessories to help you achieve captivating effects in your photos. It's a versatile solution that seamlessly works with various camera brands, making it suitable for all kinds of sessions – whether you're into portraits, sports, weddings, fashion, or product photography. But what really shines is its usefulness for outdoor sessions. Thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery, it's incredibly portable and can be taken anywhere you go. These flash units also perform excellently in studio settings, serving as a great fill or back light. They're equipped with radio receivers for remote triggering, which pairs smoothly with the Quadralite Navigator X system. To get started, all you need is a compatible transmitter.

Quadralite Reporter 200 flash's features

The Reporter series flashes offer a compact design that delivers more power compared to standard hot shoe flashes, all while maintaining a similar size. Both the basic model and its advanced PRO version are equipped with an automatic flash (TTL) function, providing a convenient solution for shooting in rapidly changing conditions. This feature is especially helpful for novice photographers who want to dive into using flash without the complexities of the traditional trial-and-error approach. These flashes also include the widely utilized HSS mode, which allows flash synchronization with shutter speeds faster than the standard X-Sync, going as short as 1/8000 sec. This feature proves indispensable for outdoor photography, allowing you to achieve captivating depth of field effects by reducing exposure time while widening the aperture simultaneously.

Quadralite Reporter replaceable flash heads

The Quadralite Reporter 200 and Reporter 200 PRO flashes come equipped with two types of heads, which can be swapped quickly and conveniently even while working:

  • Rectangular – a standard head known from speedlites. Equipped with a Fresnel lens, it provides strong light that is distributed horizontally across the frame.
  • Bare bulb – this head is most effective when used with softboxes. Its light distributes evenly within the modifier, allowing for alluring results in your pictures.

In addition to these, there are also additional head types available. The round-shaped head will provide much more even illumination, even without the need for light-modifying accessories. This type of head is also equipped with a magnetic mounting system, allowing you to install dedicated accessories with a single hand movement. Moreover, you can broaden the application of the Reporter 200 with an LED head which provides a continuous light source with an exceptional color rendering index.

Another noteworthy accessory is the Quadralite Twin Head Holder, which lets you use two Reporter 200 lights at once, creating a single, powerful, 400Ws light source. The holder also includes a widely-used Bowens mount, enabling you to connect a myriad of studio light modifiers like softboxes, beauty dishes, bowl reflectors, snoots, and more.

Accessorize your Reporter 200 flash

In this category, you'll also discover an extensive array of accessories designed for the Quadralite Reporter series flashes. This collection includes specialized holders that enable seamless compatibility with softboxes and other modifiers equipped with a standard Bowens mount. Additionally, a convenient carrying case with cushioning is available, providing a comfortable storage option for the Reporter 200 flash along with its accessories. One standout accessory is the extension cable, letting you position the flash head up to 2 meters away from the battery pack and offering easy control and flexible positioning, even on a boom or extension arm.

Light modifier selection for Quadralite Reporter

The Reporter series light modifiers are specifically designed for various types of flash heads, enabling you to achieve a range of creative effects in your photography. Quadralite provides a wide choice of handy accessories such as color filters for both speedlite and round heads, along with the Quadralite Parrot set, which is compatible with traditional on-camera flash models. We also offer accessories for the bare bulb flash head, which includes essential light modifiers like softboxes, beauty dishes, and snoots. Round head accessories can also be freely used with the Quadralite Stroboss V1 hot shoe flash.

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Quadralite Reporter 200 Pro TTL flashgun

Price zł1,945.00

Reporter 200 Pro TTL combines all the advantages of portable speedlites by adding the efficiencyand light quality of studio strobes. The flash can be used in both automatic (TTL) and manual (M) modes, and the built-in Navigator X radio system receiver means it can be controlled remotely.This...

Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL Bag

Price zł85.00

A durable and comfortable bag has been designed especially for Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL flash and its accessories. It can accommodate all the basic set elements, including the lamp, battery, charger, and tripod holder. The bag is closed with a zipper and equipped with a comfortable handle to...