Choosing the right light modifiers in photography and filming is crucial, as they significantly impact the final look of all your images. These accessories offer precise control over the lighting conditions, allowing you to achieve stunning effects in the studio or outdoors, making them an excellent choice for enhancing your photography and filming projects. At Quadralite, we offer a wide variety of flash and LED light modifiers to help you achieve the best possible results.

Photography & video softboxes

Softboxes rank among the most popular light modifiers due to their ability to precisely direct and disperse flash or LED light. They effectively create evenly distributed, soft light on the set. With a wide range of shapes and sizes, there's a softbox to cater to every photographer's distinct requirements. Quadralite provides an extensive selection of these efficient light modifiers:

  • square softboxes
  • octaboxes
  • strip softboxes
  • lantern softboxes

Various types of softboxes are available, including both robust, tried-and-tested modifiers as well as quick-folding modifiers designed for photographers who are always on the move. Parabolic softboxes, with their exceptionally deep shape, hold special interest for professional artists as they allow for more precise lighting control.

Photography umbrellas – simple & portable light modifier

Photography umbrellas are highly popular among photographers seeking cost-effective and space-efficient lighting control solutions. They come in two main types: reflective and translucent. At the Quadralite store, you'll find a wide range of models in various sizes to suit your needs. The parabolic umbrellas, renowned for their deep design, are also increasingly favored by photographers. What sets them apart is their ability to double as softboxes, provided they are paired with suitable diffusers. This multi-functionality makes them a valuable asset in any photography kit.

What’s a photography reflector?

Enhancing the lighting in your shots doesn't always involve the use of an extra light source. A photographic reflector is a remarkably straightforward tool to use, allowing you to bounce flash, continuous, or natural light and redirect it to your desired spot - such as your subject. The type of surface used will dictate the kind of photo effects you get:

  • A gold reflector gives intense, warm light.
  • A silver reflector gives strong cool-colored light.
  • A white reflector gives gentle, neutral-colored light.

Bowl reflectors for flash & continuous light

Looking for a way to enhance your lighting without diffusing it? At Quadralite, we offer a variety of bowl reflectors designed to maximize the potential of your lighting kit. Apart from the standard models often provided with studio flashes and LEDs, we also have an extensive selection of beauty dishes in numerous sizes and reflective surface colors.

Snoots & spotlight attachments

Studio lighting can be shaped in many different ways - the most inventive being the use of an optical spotlight attachment. This unique tool, when used with a flash or LED lights, concentrates and narrows their illumination, further aiding advanced shaping with specialized GOBOs. A more budget-friendly alternative, however, is the simple snoot, which is solely designed to create a slender beam of light.

Shooting with a softbox grid

The light, modified with a Quadralite softbox, can be further customized to suit the requirements of the shoot with a dedicated grid. This grid is attached to the edge of the modifier to restrict the angle of light dispersion, focusing it on the foreground of the photo.

Bowens mount softboxes… and more!

Bowens is a widely recognized mounting standard in light modifiers, but it's not the only one used by photographers. To accommodate them with diverse equipment, we provide mounting adapters, which enable our softboxes to be compatible with flash & LED lighting from various brands, including Profoto, Elinchrom, and Broncolor.

Active filters

Quadralite OA-01 Iris for SN-200LED

Price zł319.00

Quadralite OA-01 is a 16 leaf iris iris diaphragm dedicated to the SN-200 lightshower with an adjustment range of 5-42 mm. Adjusting the size of the Iris Aperture provides different diameters of projected light. The iris has a built-in holder for 58mm diameter GOBO filters (sold separately),...

  • New

Quadralite SN-200LED Optical Snoot for LED

Price zł1,155.00

Quadralite SN-200LED is an optical snoot that enables precise illumination of objects using a projection lens and six gobo masks, allowing for a wide range of lighting effects. With the popular Bowens mount, the SN-200LED is compatible with many continuous LED lights used in photography and film....