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Stroboss battery - Official Quadralite Brand Store

Quadralite Stroboss EVO series flash lights stand out due to their exclusive rechargeable batteries, which offer numerous benefits during a photo shoot. Their high capacity enables a significantly higher number of flashes compared to traditional AA-powered devices, along with a faster flash recycle time. At the Quadralite store, you'll find the following Stroboss EVO camera flash batteries:

  • Quadralite Stroboss 36 EVO VB-20 battery
  • Quadralite Stroboss 60 EVO VB-18 battery
  • Quadralite Stroboss V1 VB-26 battery

Replacement batteries for Stroboss flash

Though each Stroboss EVO camera flash kit comes with a rechargeable battery, it's handy for photographers to have an extra set batteries on hand. These will definitely enhance efficiency and convenience on the set, helping to prevent frequent recharging and minimize unwanted technical disruptions. Additionally, the extended operational time provided by these backup batteries affords greater creative freedom and ensures optimal lighting conditions throughout the shoot.</p.

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