In every photography and film studio, lighting stands play a crucial role, allowing photographers and filmmakers to position flash and continuous lights with great flexibility during their shoots and recordings. Quadralite offers top-notch models that prioritize the safety of your valuable equipment. With an impressive lifting capacity of up to 20 kilograms and a robust metal construction, these tripods are built to last for many years, even under demanding shooting conditions.

Studio light stands

Explore our diverse selection of lighting stands designed to cater to various preferences. Whether you prefer the classic vertical column tripods or more advanced options like boom or C-Stands, we have something for every photographer and filmmaker. Some of our best studio light stands come with air cushioning, providing added security for your expensive equipment. Moreover, each stand features a standard 16-millimeter spigot, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of light sources, including studio lights, on-the-go camera flash lights and LED panels.

Choosing a light stand for your studio

The choice of a suitable lighting stand largely depends on the type of light it will support. For camera flashes, a tripod with a lower load capacity like the Quadralite Verso Basic is a perfect fit. However, when dealing with larger light sources, ensuring safety and stability becomes crucial. For studio flashes or LED lights, opt for stands with a wide leg base and a substantial lifting capacity of several kilograms to provide secure support for the light source and any attached modifiers.

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Quadralite Verso 190 AL light stand

Price zł115.00

Quadralite Verso 190 AL is a tripod made of aluminum, similar to its lighter version Quadralite Verso 200 CF Stand. It also complements the Quadralite Air tripods line, which is characterized by classic design. Thanks to its compact size, the Verso 190 AL is an ideal tool for photographers who...

Quadralite Boom Multi studio light stand

Price zł475.00

The Universal Boom is a great combination of the Quadralite Boom tripod and the popular AIR 395 model. The new tripod instead of an airbag has foldable column, thanks to which it can be used as a regular studio tripod or functional Boom tripod.

Quadralite C-Stand 290

Price zł625.00

Quadralite C-Stand 290 studio light stand is designed to work with lighting equipment of greater weight.

Quadralite Verso 200 CF light stand

Price zł255.00

Verso 200 CF is a 5-section carbon fiber support ideal for on-location work with speedlites. Verso 200 CF complements the family of aluminum based Air tripods characterized by their classic design, and which are often too large and too bulky. 

Quadralite Boom S studio light stand

Price zł545.00

Quadralite Boom S is a professional tripod with a load capacity of up to 4.5 kg. The tripod has a counterweight of 4 kg, which ensures stable operation even with large softboxes. The tripod's arm can be set at any angle, which makes it easier to handle the light. 

Quadralite 20 mini light stand

Price zł75.00

The Quadralite 20 tripod will work as a basis for lamps illuminating the background or bottom of a shadowless table. It is equipped with wheels which facilitates precise positioning of lamps, and its maximum height is only 20cm. 

Quadralite 200 light stand

Price zł119.00

The Quadralite 200 lighting tripod is designed to work in a photo studio. It is made of aluminum, which ensures low weight and stability.

Quadralite AIR 395 light stand

Price zł285.00

The Quadralite AIR 395 lighting tripod is designed to work in a photo studio. It is made of aluminum, which ensures low weight and stability.

Quadralite AIR 260 light stand

Price zł175.00

Professional studio tripod. Made of aluminium and equipped with air shock-absorption system. It improves comfort of work. Smooth level adjustment is a big advantage for every photographer.