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For exceptionally demanding outdoor photo shoots, standalone Quadralite Atlas lights may not always suffice, especially if the photographer seeks maximum freedom and mobility of the light source during work. In such cases, Quadralite provides an excellent solution with the Atlas flash heads, which significantly expand the possibilities of this outdoor lighting range, offering complete flexibility and comfort during shooting.

Quadralite Atlas Extension Flash Heads

Designed for the Atlas 600 and 600 Pro, the single head models allow you to position the flash outside the main lamp housing. This feature proves particularly useful when using a boom stand to illuminate subjects or scenes from above in a secure and convenient manner. On the other hand, the FH1200, our most advanced head model, enables you to combine two 600-watt Atlas lights into a single, powerful light source with 1200 Ws of flash power. Each extension head is equipped with a standard Bowens mount for softboxes and other modifiers, ensuring convenient light modeling just like Atlas monolights.

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