A simple and quick outdoor photo shoot can be easily accomplished with natural sunlight or a reporter lamp. However, if you seek truly professional effects and complete control over the final look of your shots, your lighting kit cannot be complete without a Quadralite Atlas outdoor flash. These flash lights have a similar appearance and size to any standard studio flash but stand out with their unique power source – a capacious built-in rechargeable battery. This allows you to use them for extended periods in in locations without access to electricity.

Why Use Flash in Outdoor Photoshoots?

Quadralite Atlas outdoor flash lights have been a trusted companion for photographers across Europe on countless photoshoots over the years. Using outdoor flashes gives you exact control over light direction and intensity, which can dramatically enhance the depth of your composition. These flashes can also effectively light up photos captured in bright sunlight, creating a balanced exposure between the foreground and the background – even at high noon. Equipped with the popular Bowens accessory mount, Quadralite Atlas lights are compatible with a broad spectrum of light modifiers.

Which Outdoor Flash Should You Choose?

The Atlas series primarily features flash units with rechargeable battery and power ratings of 400 and 600 Ws. Within this series, you'll find four different light models, each with unique performance attributes and capabilities:

  • Quadralite Atlas 600
  • Quadralite Atlas 600 TTL
  • Quadralite Atlas 600 Pro TTL
  • Quadralite Atlas 400 Pro TTL

For film enthusiasts, the series also includes a product tailored to their needs – the Quadralite Atlas LED light, which boasts a 60-watt power output and offers stepless, wide-range color temperature adjustment. Each Atlas light can be further enhanced with a range of useful accessories, such as extension heads, replaceable batteries and AC adapters.

Outdoor flash for wedding photography

Capturing a successful wedding shoot poses a unique challenge for any photographer. Relying solely on natural light can be limiting for such a significant assignment, which is why many professionals opt for flash lighting. While camera flashes are often sufficient for capturing the wedding reception, an outdoor bridal session demands a more potent light source that allows for further light control with a softbox. A powerful flash equipped with a rechargeable battery will yield remarkable results, transforming ordinary moments into unforgettable memories.

Quadralite outdoor flash triggering

The Atlas flash series is crafted to deliver top-notch lighting for your photos, while also offering the utmost flexibility to work in any location. Every Quadralite Atlas flash model comes with an inbuilt radio receiver, which is compatible with the Navigator X remote triggering system. With a large variety of transmitters, our rechargeable flashes are compatible with all the leading camera brands: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Fuji, Olympus, and Panasonic.

Active filters

Quadralite Atlas LED

Price zł1,825.00

Atlas LED combines advantages of a constant lighting solution based on LED, i.e. high efficiency, low working temperature and light quality, with a flexible option to attach a range of light modifiers designed for studio flashes with Bowens mount.

Quadralite Atlas 600 Flash

Price zł2,475.00

Atlas 600 is a Quadralite studio lamp, whose maximum flash energy is equal to 600Ws with the possibility of its extremely wide adjustment in the range of 8 degrees of aperture (1/1 - 1/256). The lamp is powered by a battery and does not require connection to the mains, which favors its versatile...

Quadralite Atlas 400 Pro TTL Flash

Price zł3,355.00

The best feature of Atlas 400 Pro TTL is very high stability and repeatability in the entire range of flash energy regulation. In situations where high precision and uniformity of light are required, the User can activate the Color Mode. In this setting, regardless of how much power is set, the...