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The Quadralite Reporter 200 and Reporter 200 Pro TTL flash lights provide outstanding features - both models use replaceable heads, granting photographers complete freedom to create diverse lighting effects. In the Quadralite store, you will find three Reporter flash heads, each offering light with distinct characteristics:

  • Reporter type A head (speedlite) – best replicates the light of a traditional on-camera flash.
  • Reporter type B head (bare bulb) – with its multi-directional light, it works excellently within a softbox which amplifies and directs the flash to the desired location on set.
  • Reporter round head – ensures even and natural-looking lighting, which is particularly important for portrait and fashion photography.
  • Reporter LED head – effortlessly transform your flash into a compact, continuous light source.

Explore the features of the Quadralite Reporter 200 heads

Replaceable heads are not the only accessories offered for Reporter series lights. There are other extras available in the category below to further expand the capabilities of your lighting kit. The Quadralite Reporter 200 Extension Head allows you to place the flash head outside of its main module, such as on a lighting tripod or camera hotshoe. Its 2m cable will give you more freedom to position the light on set. The Reporter 200 Twin Head allows you to combine two Quadralite Reporter 200 flashes into a single light source with a total output of 400 Ws. It features a Bowens mounting ring, allowing you to use a wide range of light modifiers.

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Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL Extension Flash Head

Price zł195.00

This extension head is dedicated for Reporter 200 TTL flash. Main purpose of this product is to add more flexibility in flash set-up and increase comfort of work with any sort of boom stands, rigs, arms and camera attachments designed to support flashes and other add-on’s.