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Take a closer look at some top-notch accessories for Quadralite Reporter lights that can upgrade your photography gear. This category includes Bowens speedlite holders, specifically the Reporter S-Holder and Reporter S2-Holder, designed for easy attachment of various softboxes and other light modifiers to help you achieve the perfect lighting on set. Additionally, we offer a practical case for the Quadralite Reporter 200 flash and a tripod holder for extra accessories, all designed to keep your gear organized and boost your shooting efficiency. No matter the task, the accessories in this category are sure to meet your needs, aiding in capturing flawless results.

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Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL Bag

Price zł85.00

A durable and comfortable bag has been designed especially for Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL flash and its accessories. It can accommodate all the basic set elements, including the lamp, battery, charger, and tripod holder. The bag is closed with a zipper and equipped with a comfortable handle to...

Quadralite Reporter S-holder

Price zł115.00

Quadralite Reporter S-holder is a low weight holder, which allows one to use Bowens mount modifiers with speedlites.