Packshot photography with light tents

Product photography is a specialized field, focusing on capturing compelling images for e-commerce websites. A popular technique for achieving a perfectly white background is the use of light tents. These box-shaped structures, constructed from light-diffusing material, are externally illuminated using either flash or LED lighting. Quadralite offers a variety of light tents for product photography, available in various sizes. This diversity ensures that every photographer can find a light tent that perfectly aligns with their specific requirements.

Mastering product photography with shooting tables

Shooting table is a unique pieces of equipment favored by professional photographers, particularly for packshots or product images. These tables are ingeniously engineered to drastically reduce all shadows when adequately lit, leading to top-tier, professional-standard photos. Quadralite provides photo tables in two distinct sizes: a compact 60-centimeter option and a more expansive 100-centimeter version. The distinctive feature of the larger table is its capacity to hold three flashes directly, a feature not present in the smaller model. These shooting tables, with their exceptional design and functionality, serve as indispensable tools in professional photography studios.

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Quadralite Photo Table S 60cm light table

Price zł405.00

High quality, portable shadowless table. Designed for both amateurs and advanced photographers in need looking for a comfortable plane for shadowless photography.