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For traveling photographers, a vital tool of the trade is a sturdy and reliable bag or case for their photography gear. This makes it easier to carry around your flash or LED lights, which are perfect for all outdoor photography sessions. Quadralite provides an extensive selection of models, each designed with different functionalities and dimensions to meet your unique requirements.

Photography gear cases and bags

If you're in search of a portable and compact solution, we provide small photo bags and cases that are perfect for housing individual flashes. These models are not just convenient for travel, but also offer robust protection for your gear against damage and adverse weather conditions. With these, you can rest assured that your flashes are secure and primed for use anytime and anywhere.

Rolling gear cases for pro photographers

For those who need to haul a significant amount of equipment, our spacious rolling cases are the perfect solution. Specifically engineered with the needs of studio equipment in mind, they ensure secure storage and transportation. Sporting a sturdy build and made from durable materials, these cases provide top-notch protection for your precious gear. With their reliable handles, sturdy wheels and adjustable straps, our cases make it a breeze to move your equipment from one spot to another.

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Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL Bag

Price zł85.00

A durable and comfortable bag has been designed especially for Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL flash and its accessories. It can accommodate all the basic set elements, including the lamp, battery, charger, and tripod holder. The bag is closed with a zipper and equipped with a comfortable handle to...

Quadralite Atlas shoulder bag

Price zł79.00

Quadralite Atlas shoulder bag is a support bag for Quadtalite Atlas 600 and Quadralite Atlas 600 TTL monolight with a handheld FH600 flash head.