Studio photography flash lights

Quadralite is a renowned brand best known for its range of photo studio equipment. Our studio flashes have been the trusted companions of photographers across Europe for years, serving both at-home and professional photo studios. Our collection caters to every photographer’s budget, offering everything from basic manual-mode equipment to professional-grade flashes that support TTL and HSS. Each product comes equipped with a radio receiver, compatible with the Navigator X system; all you need to get started is to purchase a matching transmitter. We also offer ready-made kits that include Quadralite flashes, lighting stands and light modifiers.

Battery-powered flash for outdoor photography

The Atlas flash series is increasingly popular due to their rechargeable power feature. This allows for uninterrupted operation for hours, making them ideal for outdoor sessions. Unlike camera flashes, these units offer significantly more flash power, making them suitable for use even in broad daylight. Each flash in our outdoor series offers both HSS and TTL mode, making them perfect for frequent travelers who value compact and portable equipment. With these, you can easily create your own mobile photography studio to take with you to any location, no matter how remote. To make equipment transportation between the studio and the shooting set hassle-free, specially designed bags and cases will certainly come in handy.

Softboxes, umbrellas and other light modifiers

Explore an extensive assortment of light modifiers available in Quadralite Store. Our range features a variety of softboxes proudly displaying our logo, available in numerous versions. Basic models come with the timeless ring-mounted rod configuration, while more advanced options boast an umbrella quick-release mechanism for added convenience. Discover an array of highly sought-after Bowens softboxes, ranging from rectangular and strip designs to octagonal, 16-angle, and even lantern shapes. Many of these options also come equipped with grids, allowing you to precisely direct and shape the lamp's light output.

Our photography umbrellas are extremely versatile, suitable for both studio spaces and outdoor use. We offer reflective models in gold, silver, and white, as well as shoot-through, translucent umbrellas with either a standard or parabolic canopy. For portrait and commercial/advertising photographers, we highly recommend our comprehensive range of beauty dishes, designed to bring a natural glow and beauty to any subject.

Light stands & other studio accessories

Efficient studio work is greatly enhanced by the right accessories. Among these essentials, lighting stands take a prominent place. Our selection offers a variety of models, each differing in maximum height, leg spacing, and weight capacity. The simpler options are perfect for supporting camera flashes and lightweight accessories, while the sturdier alternatives excel in securing studio flash and LED lights. To ensure we meet all your needs, we also offer a selection of studio accessories. These include background mounting systems and various types of versatile mounts, providing a range of options to choose from.

Diverse photo backdrops for every shooting scenario

Every professional photography studio requires a fitting background you’ll shoot on. The color and texture of the backdrop can significantly impact the final look and feel of the photo. Quadralite store offers fabric backgrounds available in various colors, all crafted from high-quality cotton. Unlike paper or polypropylene backdrops, these fabric backdrops are easily cleanable if they become dirty during a session. Their smooth, texture-free surface ensures a consistently appealing appearance in every photo you take.

Shooting tents & tables for product photography

Shooting tents and tables offer a seamless solution for those aiming to enhance their product and packshot photography. These versatile tools are designed to help you effortlessly capture captivating product images for any online store. When combined with appropriate lighting techniques, shooting tents and tables allow you to create polished, professional packshots, all while requiring little to no retouching. Shooting tents are made of the same material as translucent photography umbrellas, ensuring balanced, non-glaring lighting for small items such as jewellery, cosmetics or craft & DIY products. Shooting tables, on the other hand, cater to larger products and are favored by professionals for their versatility.

Active filters

Quadralite OA-01 Iris for SN-200LED

Price zł319.00

Quadralite OA-01 is a 16 leaf iris iris diaphragm dedicated to the SN-200 lightshower with an adjustment range of 5-42 mm. Adjusting the size of the Iris Aperture provides different diameters of projected light. The iris has a built-in holder for 58mm diameter GOBO filters (sold separately),...

  • New

Quadralite 320cm C-Stand

Price zł395.00

Quadralite C-Stand 320studio light stand is designed to work with lighting equipment of greater weight.

  • New

Quadralite SN-200LED Optical Snoot for LED

Price zł1,155.00

Quadralite SN-200LED is an optical snoot that enables precise illumination of objects using a projection lens and six gobo masks, allowing for a wide range of lighting effects. With the popular Bowens mount, the SN-200LED is compatible with many continuous LED lights used in photography and film....