Having a supply of rechargeable batteries is an essential benefit for any photographer using Quadralite on-camera and outdoor flash lights. They ensure every photo session can proceed without unexpected interruptions - extra batteries guarantee seamless operation, enabling you to capture every critical moment without any constraints. With them, you can be confident that the lighting is working at peak efficiency, letting you concentrate solely on creating perfect shots.

Stroboss camera flash batteries

When you opt for the Quadralite V1 and Stroboss EVO camera flash series, you gain the advantage of a dedicated rechargeable battery, offering numerous benefits during your photo shoots. Thanks to their remarkably high capacity, these batteries allow you to trigger many more flashes than with classic AA batteries, significantly enhancing the efficiency of your work on set. Additionally, they guarantee faster flash charging times, enabling you to successfully capture dynamic shots. Overall, this combination empowers you to achieve exceptional results in your photography endeavors.

Outdoor battery supply – Atlas batteries

Extend the longevity of your outdoor sessions with Quadralite Atlas flash replacement batteries! These high-capacity batteries ensure a reliable power supply, even in locations without access to electricity. Browse through the options below to find rechargeable batteries suitable for all Quadralite Atlas lamp models, including the Atlas 400 Pro TTL, and also a battery designed for the Reporter 200 TTL flash. Enhance your kit and prepare your Quadralite Atlas outdoor lights for prolonged and intense work!

NP-F batteries for LED lights

The NP-F rechargeable batteries from Quadralite promise a trustworthy power solution, essential for seamless visual productions. They are designed with a built-in charge indicator, an indispensable feature for devices without one, allowing you to monitor the battery status efficiently. Additionally, these batteries are outfitted with a USB port, which transforms them into a handy power bank for charging other devices on the go. Available in two varying capacities, 5200 and 7800 mAh, these batteries ensure prolonged and reliable functionality of lights and LED panels, contributing to smooth and productive filming sessions.

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Quadralite Atlas PowerPack battery

Price zł785.00

Quadralite Atlas PowerPack is an extra 8700mAh battery module for Quadtalite Atlas 600 and Quadralite Atlas 600 TTL monolights.

Quadralite Reporter PowerPack 45

Price zł645.00

Reporter PowerPack 45 to dodatkowy akumulator do lamp Reporter. Zawiera on w sobie litowy akumulator o wysokiej pojemności, który zapewnia nawet do 900 błysków z pełną mocą lampy Reporter 180.

DP-6 battery-pack

Price zł445.00

Battery pack Quadralite DP-6 has been designed specially for Quadralite DP flashes.