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A camera flash is an incredibly useful tool that can light up any photograph, regardless of the time of day, location, or natural light conditions. To make the most of it, you might want to think about getting the right accessories which can help you tailor its light to various photography types, offering increased versatility and precision in lighting control. The section below presents an extensive range of practical accessories for on-camera flashes, including compact softboxes, Bowens mounts, and light stand adapters.

What’s the purpose of a speedlite diffuser?

All speedlites are known for their sharp, pronounced light, which means they don't always yield satisfactory results in all photographs. A simple solution to this issue could be a flash diffuser, which can be attached to the flash head to soften its intense light. An even better solution is to use a softbox made specifically for a speedlight, which effectively softens the light output while minimizing the excessive loss of flash power.

Which softbox should I choose for a camera flash?

The most affordable option would be a collapsible circular softbox, directly attached to the flash head. However, for a more versatile solution, which might be eventually used for studio accessories as well, consider adding an on-camera flash Bowens mount to your lighting kit. This will allow you to easily equip your hot-shoe flash with any Bowens light modifier, such as a softbox, reflector, snoot, and many other accessories!

Color gel filters for flash photography

A camera flash light doesn’t need to be confined to neutral white only. With Quadralite Parrot gel filters, an abundance of artistic possibilities is unlocked – they allow you to change the flash light's color, enhancing your creativity and artistic process. This simple accessory can convert a regular photo shoot into an artistic endeavor, imbuing your photos with unique allure and depth.

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Quadralite Reporter S-holder

Price zł115.00

Quadralite Reporter S-holder is a low weight holder, which allows one to use Bowens mount modifiers with speedlites.