Quadralite Space 185 white parabolic umbrella


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Quadralite Space 185 white is an umbrella with a unique structure and milky white finish reflecting light. It is a very useful light modifier combining the advantages of an ordinary umbrella and large softboxes and will be used especially during portrait sessions, where a soft, highly diffused, soft light is needed.

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The inner surface of Quadralite Space 185 white parabolic umbrella is covered with a milky white matte finish that reflects light giving it a very delicate character. In addition, the large surface of the umbrella consisting of 16 elements means that the photographed object will be illuminated very softly, and the shadows will be slightly scratched. The frame made of fiberglass consisting of as many as 16 arms causes that the material is evenly tensioned and the umbrella maintains its shape. Compared to ordinary umbrellas, this model is deeper, which makes it easier to control the propagation of light.

The use of fiberglass also guarantees a long product life and high functional qualities. The umbrella post is made of metal and allows easy mounting to any Quadralite studio lamp. Quadralite Space 185 white parabolic umbrella can be used both with and without reflectors, which allows you to use the entire reflecting surface. By moving the seat post in the lamp holder, you can focus or expand the light stream falling from the umbrella onto the photographed object. Quadralite Space 185 white parabolic umbrella is sold in a set with a cover that facilitates the transport of the umbrella and protects it from dirt and damage.

Product features:
  • allows for soft light ideal for portrait photos similar to large-surface softboxes,
  • light and flexible construction made of fiberglass,
  • large work surface consisting of 16 material panels,
  • easy and quick installation to any Quadralite lamp,
  • a cover with a shoulder strap is included in the set.
The set contains:
  • Quadralite Space 185 white parabolic umbrella
  • case
  • original packaging
Manufacturer's warranty:
  • 2 years

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Type white
Dimensions (cm) 185