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Talia 300 RGB LED

Price zł515.00

The Quadralite Talia 300 RGB LED panel is a light source designed for creative use in the studio. Its key feature is the full RGB color palette (360°), thanks to which you will be able to approach the topic of your session in a unique way. Thanks to the dedicated diffusion layer, this panel will...

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Quadralite Lantern Softbox 85cm

Price zł375.00

Quadralite Lantern Softbox 85cm was created to create even, soft and natural lighting on wide film and photographic sets. The spherical shape of the canopy allows you to diffuse the light at an angle of 270°, which minimizes the number of lamps used on the set.

Octadecagon Focus Softbox Para 180cm

Price zł2,195.00

Quadralite Octadecagon Focus Softbox Para is a series of modifiers that has a parabolic shape and the ability to quickly change the distance of the mounted light source from the center of the canopy. Thanks to this solution, it allows You to obtain different types of light from one modifier.