Quadralite Navigator X transmitter for Sony MIS


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Radio transmitter for Quadralite lamps with TTL.

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Quadralite Navigator X is an extremely useful tool that can work both as a remote trigger and driver for reporter and studio lamps, and serve as a wireless trigger for the camera. It allows you to work using multiple transmission channels, provides a stable signal, high response speed and full control over the lamps. The trigger can be used with cameras of the selected brand equipped with a standard ISO type hot shoe and a PC type synchronization connector.

Flash sync with fast shutter speeds can be used with most lamps on the market today that support this feature in the TTL system. The maximum synchronization time is 1/8000s.

The set includes the transmitter itself - you can use it to control Quadralite Atlas lamps, Reporter TTL or Stroboss 60 version for Sony MIS.

Product features:

  • TTL compliant - allows automated operation or full manual control including: flash energy adjustment, synchronization with short shutter speeds (up to 1 / 8000s), correction of flash light exposure, etc.
  • 2.4GHz radio transmission - ensures stable operation over longer distances, both in the studio and outside of it
  • 32 communication channels and 5 groups - quick configuration and control of many lamps or their groups

The set contains:

  • Quadralite Navigator X transmitter for Sony MIS
  • original packaging

Manufacturer's warranty:

  • 2 years

Data sheet


Series Nawigator X
For cameras Sony MIS
Application transmitter
Transmission type radio