Quadralite Stroboss 36 S


Quadralite Stroboss 36 is a small and exceptionally light flash with guide number of 36m.

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Lampy błyskowe - kategoria for Sony MIS
Lampy błyskowe - producent Quadralite
Size 140 x 62 x 38mm
Weight 200g
Liczba przewodnia 36m (ISO100, 105mm)
Odchylenie głowicy w pionie -7 do 90°
Odchylenie głowicy w poziomie 0-270°
Zasilanie 2x AA
Wydajność akumulatora ok. 210 błysków z pełną mocą
Czas ładowania ok. 0.1-2.6s
Temperatura barwowa błysku 5600K ± 200K
Czas trwania błysku 1/350 (1/1) – 1/20000s (1/128)
Regulacja mocy 7EV w krokach co 1/3EV, 1/1 ~ 1/128
Wyzwalanie gorąca stopka, fotocela, przycisk test, Navigator X (wbudowany)
Sterowanie mocą TTL, z poziomu lampy, Navigator X
Tryb błysku TTL/M/Multi/Master/Slave
Maksymalny czas synchronizacji do 1/8000s
Ogniskowa 24-105mm (15mm z panelem rozpraszającym)

Data sheet

Quadralite Stroboss 36 S

Quadralite Stroboss 36 C - TTL speedlite for Canon Quadralite Stroboss 36 is a small and exceptionally light flash with guide number of 36m. It is perfectly tailored to fit mirrorless and compact cameras. It weighs a mere 200g, and is only 95mm high with its flash head directed to the front, mounted on a camera. Despite its small size, the flash head can be rotated within 270° in the horizontal plane and 97° in the vertical plane. Thanks to this feature, bouncing the light off the ceiling and walls is easy and convenient

Quadralite Stroboss 36 is equipped with Navigator X transmitter thus it can be used as a controller (Master) for other Quadralite flashes, including: Pulse Pro X, Atlas 600 and 600 TTL, Reporter 360 TTL, Stroboss 60, as well as another Stroboss 36. You can also switch the device into the Slave mode, where you can remotely control it through the Navigator X transmitter and Stroboss 60 and 36 flashes.

Stroboss 36 can be used in one of the three modes. The first mode (TTL) allows shooting with automatic flash exposure metering and using all automatic and semi-automatic modes offered by cameras. The second - manual mode (M) - enables the user to choose the flash output within the range of 7-f stops in 1/3 EV increments.

The third mode - stroboscopic (Multi) is perfect when taking eye-catching photos at longer exposure times. Stroboss 36 can be used in High-Speed Sync mode with fast shutter speeds up to 1/8000s. This feature is especially useful when you want to use flash during on location shooting with strong ambient light.

Additionally, Stroboss 36 ensures very short flash duration, which reaches up to 1/20000 s (t0.1) at the minimum flash power.Stroboss 36 features zoom that can be operated within 24 – 105 mm range in manual and automatic mode. If you need to illuminate larger scenes, you can use wide diffuser (approx. 15 mm) which is integrated with the flash head together with a white reflective screen. An additional clip-on light diffuser is supplied with the kit.

It is particularly usefulwhen shooting portraits with flash pointing directly onto a subject. The kit also includes a stand and a handy case. Quadralite Stroboss 36 is powered by two AA batteries. When used with two fully charged batteries, the flash can trigger up to 210 full-power flashes. The battery compartment houses Micro USB connection used to update the flash's firmware via Quadralite Firmware Upgrade Tool available on:

Kit includes:

•Quadralite Stroboss 36 S - TTL speedlite for Sony,
•protection case,
•mini stand.

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