Panel LED Quadralite MiLED Bi-Color 180 with tripod

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The MiLED Bi-color 180 panel has been designed especially for mobile applications. The MiLED 180 weighs only 195g and fits easily in your pocket. The panel is able to generate high-quality, flicker-free light (Ra> 96), and its color temperature can be adjusted from 3200K to 5600K. MiLED Bi-Color 180 can be used not only with professional cameras, but also with smartphones and camcorders.


The device is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery (3.85V / 4040mAh), which is enough for over an hour of continuous operation. In an emergency, MiLED 180 can be used as a power bank thanks to the integrated USB-C port. Charging the battery can be done directly from the computer or using a mobile phone charger. The housing is made of aluminum, which guarantees low weight and high durability. The three 1/4 "attachment points are on the sides for easy and quick attachment of the panel to various racks and brackets.

Product features:

  • pocket LED panel
  • it can be easily adapted to the existing light thanks to the color temperature control
  • very good color reproduction Ra ≥96 built-in lithium-ion battery (3.85V / 4050mAh) up to 105min of work with maximum brightness
  • can be used as a power bank
  • three 1/4 "built-in mounting points
  • equipped with a clear and bright OLED display enclosed in a durable aluminum housing

The set contains:

  • Panel LED Quadralite MiLED Bi-Color 180 
  • tripod with adjustable legs
  • original packaging


Panel LED Quadralite MiLED...