Quadralite Parabolic Octa Sofbox 150

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Quadralite Parabolic Octa is the ultimate solution for crisp yet extremely soft and diffused lighhting both in studio and on locaton. It’s unique 16-shaft hexadecagon construction provides appealing circular catchlighhts in the subject's eyes, which makes it an ideal tool for portraits, fashion and beauty shoots.


This softbox is built using a quick folding mechanism, therefore is easy to use and can be prepared for work in a few seconds. Handy carrying bag is supplied in the kit for convenient storage and portability.

A unique, very deep profile distinguishes this softbox amongh others in its class. This parabolic-like shape similar to a tulip cup is substantial for acquiring precision light on the scene and subject without unwanted lightspill.

The softbox's outer shell is made from high quality rip-stop nylon fabric for high durability, long lifespan and small weight at the same time. Interior is laminated with a highly reflective silver film for even light distribution across its surface.

The softbox has two diffusion layers made from high quality polyester rip-stop fabric. This material was carefully picked and tested to ensure proper white balance and color renditon. The inner diffuser is equipped with an additonal fabric layer in its center, to prevent hot-spots and assure an even light distributon.

The sofbox frame is internally made of metal. Steel tension rods support the whole structure effectively and keep parabolic shape despite lamp tilt.

The sofbox is equipped with a widely used Bowens-type mount which ensures compatibility with a wide range of studio and on-locaton flashes available on the market, including Quadralite products. Due to the large size of the softbox it should not be used with Quadralite Up!, Move, Move Pro, Move X and other small monolights. It’s recommended to fit it with a large and sturdy lamp such as: Quadralite Pulse, Pulse Pro, Pulse X, Pulse Pro X, Atlas or similar.

In the box:

  • Quadralite parabolic octa softbox
  • two diffusers
  • carrying bag
  • original packaging

Manufacturer's warranty:

  • 2 years

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