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Quadralite SVL-400 LED 3 light kit

Price zł2,175.00

Quadralite SVL-400 LED 3 light kit is a set aimed at anyone wishing to easily create a complete film or photo studio. This kit includes 3x SVL-400 LEDs, along with tripods and a set of accessories to realize any creative vision.

Quadralite Thea 450 panel LED Kit

Price zł975.00

The Quadralite Thea 450 panel LED Kit is a studio-ready lighting kit right out of the box. The set of two powerful lamps that you can place on tripods with a maximum height of 195cm will allow you to create a fully professional studio space even in a small space.

Zestaw Quadralite Up! X 700 Kit

Price zł1,995.00

Jest to najbardziej rozbudowany zestaw w naszej serii Up! X Kit. Znajdują się w nim dwie lampy Quadralite Up! X 200 oraz jedna lampa Quadralite Up! X 300, trzy statywy oświetleniowe, biała parasolka transparentna, softbox, czasza oraz wrota z gridem i filtrami barwnymi.

Zestaw Quadralite Up! X 600 Kit

Price zł1,395.00

Zestaw zawiera pakiet podstawowego sprzętu studyjnego w skład którego wchodzą dwie lampy Quadralite Up! X 300, dwa statywy oświetleniowe, biała parasolka transparentna, umbrella softbox oraz czasza.

Quadralite Move X 300 kit

Price zł1,675.00

This two-light setup is made to be used as a basic studio kit for portrait photography. Thanks to included 60x90cm softbox you can achieve very soft and smooth light which is so desired in portraits. Move X 300 Kit also features two 200cm studio stands and silver umbrella.

Quadralite Move X 200 kit

Price zł1,495.00

The Quadralite Move X 200 set was created for photographers starting their adventure with studio photography. The set allows you to build a small, home studio perfectly suited to portrait and product photography at an affordable price. The set consists of two Quadralite Move X 200 lamps with...

Quadralite Move X 400 kit

Price zł2,575.00

The Quadralite Move X 400 set has been designed to find application not only in amateur but also in a professional studio. This is the most powerful of the offered Move X sets.