Quadralite Air 275 Light Stand

125,00 zł
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Professional studio tripod. Made of aluminium and equipped with air shock-absorption system. It improves comfort of work. Smooth level adjustment is a big advantage for every photographer.

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Air 275 is a heavy duty light stand equipped with air-cushioned central column. Thanks to its all-metal construction it can handle heavy loads and can be used to support studio flashes with large light modifiers. Long, large and conveniently molded turn knobs improve ergonomics and prevents you from pinching your fingers. Wide leg base makes this tripod exceptionally stable. Removable 5/8” top stud can be mounted both vertically or horizontally. Air 275 can be used with additional wheels for smooth and easy operation inside the studio.

Main features:
  • super tall yet compact studio stand
  • air-cushioned central column for safety and grater comfort
  • large and easy to use turn knobs
  • equipped with removable and reversible 1/4” - 3/8“ screw 5/8” top stud
  • perpendicular mounting option (great for backdrops poles)
  • compatible with almost any studio flash
  • can be used with additional wheels
  • wide 3-leg base for grater stability
  • rugged all-metal construction
In the box:
  • Quadralite Air 275 stand
  • universal mount 1/4" and 3/8"
  • original packaging
Manufacturer's warranty:
  • 2 years

Quadralite Air 275 Light Stand

125,00 zł

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