Quadralite Thea 308 LED Panel

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Thea LED 308 are lighting panels specially designed for mobile applications. The light source is LEDs with a high color rendering index (CRI ≥95). The lamp emits up to 860 lux (1m) of the highest quality light, free of flickering with a color temperature of 5600 ± 300K. On the back of the lamp there is a control panel with which you can adjust the brightness.

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The wireless remote control allows you to remotely control the lamp in studios or in hard-to-reach places outdoors. Thanks to dedicated diffusers (diffusive, yellow and blue) the panel shines evenly over the entire surface. The result is that Thea LED 308 allows you to illuminate the scene without the undesirable effect of multiple shadows. In addition, the high functionality of Thea LED 308 panels is due to the small size and low weight. The panel itself weighs only 480g and is extremely shallow (15mm). It is also equipped with a mounting bracket with tilt adjustment and a quick assembly system incl. on the camera's ISO foot and standard tripods.

Thea LED 308 panels are powered by popular Sony NP-F970 (7.4V) camera batteries. It is also possible to use Panasonic VBG6 standard batteries for this purpose using an additional adapter (available separately). In addition, the Quadralite PowerPack 58 battery with 5800 mAh capacity can be connected using the separately available Quadralite PowerPack Lx cable.

The set contains:

  • panel led Quadralite Thea 308
  • support
  • radio remote control
  • diffuser
  • yellow diffuser
  • blue diffuser
  • hand grip
  • original packaging


Scheda tecnica

Potenza (W)
Dimensioni (mm)
Peso (kg)
N° diodi LED
batteria ricaricabile
Controllo della potenza
continua dall'unità
Temperatura colore (K)
5600 ±300
Temperatura di colore

Quadralite Thea 308 LED Panel

525,00 zł