Zestaw Quadralite Up! X 400 Kit

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Quadralite Up! X 400, the smallest and cheapest set in our offer. There are two Quadralite Up! X lamps with a power of 200 Ws, two lighting stands, two transparent umbrellas, one reflector.

Note: 1 reflector included.

Such a combination of equipment allows you to take pictures of a different nature and at the same time is an ideal introduction to studio photography.

Up! Lamps X 200 are extremely compact and lightweight. Dedicated especially to amateurs who want to start their adventure in studio photography. They will also work well as extra gear to studio equipment for professionals. By integral Navigator X receiver, they can be easily wirelessly triggered and changed the flash power. The built-in Bowens mount allows you to expand your studio with additional light modifiers, such as Softboxes or Beauty Dishes.

Product highlights:
  • sze­roka regu­la­cja ener­gii bły­sku w prze­dziale 5 stopni przy­słony (5EV) od 1/1 do1/32) z regu­la­cją co 0.1 stop­nia EV,
  • temperatura barwowa błysku 5600K +/-300K,
  • czasy łado­wa­nia < 1,5 s przy peł­nej mocy
  • wbu­do­wany odbior­nik sys­temu Quadra­lite Navi­ga­tor X do ste­ro­wa­nia­ bez­prze­wo­do­we­go
  • moż­li­wość wyzwa­la­nia bły­sku poprzez gniazdo syn­ch­ro­ni­za­cyjne typu Jack 3,5 mm oraz foto­celę
  • aktywne chło­dze­nie
  • lampy wy­po­sa­żone w moco­wa­nie akce­so­riów typu Bowens
The kit sold includes:
  • 2x flash Quadralite Up! X 200,
  • 2x light stand 200 cm high,
  • 2x white transparent umbrella: ⌀ 81 cm,
  • 1x dish: ⌀ 18 cm,
  • 2x power cable,
  • 2x pilot halogen,
  • 4x spare fuses,
  • user manual
  • original packaging
Gwarancja sprzedawcy:
  • 2 years (Flashtubes and bulbs are covered by a 3-month warranty, while the batteries are a 6-month warranty)

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Zestaw Quadralite Up! X 400...

1.135,00 zł