Talia 300 RGB LED

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The Quadralite Talia 300 RGB LED panel is a light source designed for creative use in the studio. Its key feature is the full RGB color palette (360°), thanks to which you will be able to approach the topic of your session in a unique way. Thanks to the dedicated diffusion layer, this panel will guarantee you a soft studio light on the recording without the need for additional modifiers.

The light source is LEDs with a high color rendering index RI>95. The lamp emits a wide beam of strong light, devoid of flickering effect, and all this with the ability to adjust the color temperature of the lamp in the range of 3500-6500K (±300K) thanks to a dedicated knob located on the back of the panel. This function will allow you to adjust the lamp light to the existing light, thus obtaining a natural effect on your recording. The panel also has 12 modes of operation, which allow for even more creativity in working on the set.

Key features of the product:

  • high brightness of the emitted light,
  • high colour deviation coefficient CRI > 95+,
  • possibility of smooth color temperature control 3000 K – 6500 K,
  • full RGB range,
  • passive cooling,
  • smooth brightness adjustment,
  • small size and weight,
  • no flickering effect.

Sold set includes:

  • Quadralite Talia 300 RGB LED,
  • AC adapter.

Ficha técnica

Moc w W
Wymiary (mm)
Waga (kg)
Ilość diod LED
Sterowanie mocą
płynne z poziomu lampy
Temperatura barwowa w K
3000 - 6500
Temperatura barwowa

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Talia 300 RGB LED

515,00 zł