Quadralite Sparkle - kreatywne światło LED

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Quadralite Sparkle is a compact, battery powered LED lamp, designed for mobile use.

It features both a torch headlight and LED panel with three different light modes: white light, red light and red stroboscope light. Both white light sources (torch and LED panel) have a three-stage brightness adjustment. The white light has a colour temperature of 6500K, the power stream of the LED panel is 250lm, while the torch’s is 100lm.

Quadralite Sparkle has a rear holder, which, at the same time, is a lamp support. It has an adjustable tilt angle, with eight different degrees, allowing for precise adjustment of the angle of incidence of the used light. There are four magnets on the holder, allowing to place the lamp in hard to reach places, as well as stabilising it. There is also a clip on the holder for convenient attachment of the lamp and its transport.

The Quadralite Sparkle lamp is charged via a micro USB input and the cable included in the set. Thanks to that, it's possible to charge it from any standard USB port (type A), which you can find e.g. in a laptop, phone charger or a powerbank. Charging time is the same as the time of its lighting, about 2.5 hours. Next to the charging input, there is also a LED indicator showing the charging level of the lamp.

Quadralite Sparkle is a small, light and handy mobile lamp that you can always have with you. The possibility of angle adjustment of the lamp and the installed magnets allow you to position the light in almost any place you need it. Various light modes and brightness adjustment gives the opportunity of multiple uses of the lamp, and the USB input will facilitate charging in a convenient way for us, anywhere You will need it.

Selling Points:

  • Four light modes: white headlight, white LED light, red light and red stroboscope LED light,
  • Three-stage brightness adjustment of the white lights,
  • Micro USB charging input,
  • Battery level indicator,
  • Lamp angle adjustment for changing the angle of the using light,
  • 4 magnets in the holder,
  • Clip for hanging and transporting the lamp,
  • Up to 2,5h working time with maximum brightness.

Key product features:

  • Pocket LED lamp,
  • 4 light modes,
  • Ability to adjust the brightness of the white lights in three stages,
  • Practical and simple control with buttons on the side of the lamp,
  • Small and lightweight,
  • Possibility to be powered by a classic USB port (type A).

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45,00 zł