Quadralite Reporter 360 TTL for Canon


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Quadralite Reporter 360 TTL is a high-power TTL flash with a dedicated battery pack.

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Quadralite Reporter 360 TTL for Canon

Quadralite Reporter 360 TTL is a powerful & portable flash that is fully compatible with TTL autoflash system. It is also equipped with a built-in receiver of the Navigator X wireless 2.4GHz radio triggering system. Therefore, it can be easily use in combination with speedlites, Quadralite studio flashes, and other. Thanks to use of TTL auto exposure metering mode shooting is simpler and faster. Correct flash exposure can be easily achieved even in complex light-changing situations and locations.
Reporter 360 TTL is a complete tool that provides an efficient battery, wireless remote control, and the option to use a wide array of light modifiers. The flash is several times stronger than standard speedlite flashes, and yet it retains similar sizes and weight. It offers studio quality light in a small package allowing outdoor and on location shooting. This is a perfect tool for action, fashion, portraits and still life photography. Quadralite Reporter 360 TTL additionally features an exposed, large flash head. With such construction, you can effectively use diverse light modifiers, such as softboxes and reflectors. The flash is powered by a lithium-ion Quadralite PowerPack 45. The battery offers large capacity of 4.500 mAh, whilst retaining small sizes and weight. The battery module can be replaced. An exhausted unit is being charged for approx. 3 hours.

Main features:

  • Compatibility with TTL cameras (flash exposure compensation, high speed synch, front and rear shutter synch, etc.)(with Quadralite Navigator X)
  • Compatibility with remote control and triggering systems
  • Integrated radio transmitter and receiver (2.4 GHz) of the Quadralite Navigator X remote control and triggering system (the flash can work in MASTER and SLAVE modes)
  • Maximum flash output of up to 360 Ws/GN 80 (100 ISO)
  • Lithium-ion battery with the capacity of 4500 mAh, ensuring up to 450 full-power flashes and short charging times (0.05 – 4.5s)
  • Flexible flash power adjustment within the range of 7 aperture stops (7EV) in 22 steps (1/1 – 1/128) every 1/3 EV
  • Short flash time: 1/10000s (t0.5 at the minimum power)
  • Stable color temperature (5600 K ± 200 K)

In the box:

  • Quadralite Reporter 360 TTL for Canon
  • Quadralite Reporter PowerPack45
  • flash tube
  • reflector with diffuser
  • battery pack - flash cord
  • charger
  • soft pouch
  • arm strap
  • flash stand
  • original packaging

Consumer warranty:

  • 2 years

Data sheet

Lampy Reporterskie

Type of shoe Canon
Power in Ws 360
Guide number 80
Colour Temperature (K) +/- 200K 5600k
Flash duration 1/300 - 1/20000 s
Triggering test, jack 3.5, photocell
Triggering options TTL / Multi / M / S1 / S2 /Master / Slave
Power control smoothly from the lamp level, TTL
HSS yes
Stroboscopic flash yes
Groups/Channels 3/32
Vertical head deflection -15°- 90°
Head deflection level 0° - 270°
Display yes
Maximum charging time 4.5
Power supply rechargeable battery power supply
Power Efficiency min. 460 full flashes
Dimensions (mm) 75x95x220 (bez palnika czaszy i akumulatora)
Weight (kg) 0.8 (bez palnika czaszy i akumulatora)