Quadralite Move X 400 Kit + Navigator Kit


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The Quadralite Move X 400 set has been designed to find application not only in amateur but also in a professional studio. This is the most powerful of the offered Move X sets.

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The Quadralite Move X 400 Kit is a set with two 400Ws Move X 400 lamps. This is the strongest set in this series. Lamps with such a high power and wide range of regulation will be used not only in an amateur studio, but also in a professional one. They will work in portrait and product photography, both in the studio and outside of it. The kit includes a number of light modifiers. In addition to the standard silver umbrella, the user can use the 60x90cm softbox, honeycomb gates, snoot and colored filters. The whole can be safely transported in a convenient bag on wheels, which is included in the Move X 400 Kit. It has stiffened walls, interior lined with soft material and adjustable position of partitions.

Quadralite Move X series lamps are designed for semi-professionals and amateurs. The included Move X 400 lamps have a power of 400Ws and have flash output regulation in the range of five apertures with an accuracy of 1/6 EV. The bright LCD display giving the current settings is helpful. Each of the lamps in this series has a 150W halogen pilot light, whose brightness can be adjusted smoothly and independently of the flash energy, set proportionally or turned off. 
The Move X series is characterized by a modern design and a built-in receiver of the Navigator X system. Thanks to it, you can remotely trigger the flash, adjust the flash output and turn modeling light on and off (only Navigator X2).
The small dimensions and ergonomic housing with a handle make it easy to transport, install and operate the lamp. Thanks to the use of Bowens mounts, they can be used with a wide range of light modifiers available on the market.

Navigator Kit

Quadralite Navigator Kit is a wireless control and firing system for Quadralite brand flash units. It uses radio waves (433 MHz) and enables operation on one of 16 channels. In practice, this allows you to operate one or more lamps simultaneously, even over a distance of several dozen meters.

Product features:

  • flash energy adjustment in the range 1/32 - 1/1,
  • smooth regulation of modeling light with 150W power,
  • photocell with TTL pre-flash suppression function,
  • automatic discharge of the flash after reducing the flash energy,
  • settings memory and restoring them after restarting the lamp,
  • built-in Navigator X receiver

The set contains:

  • two Quadralite Move X 400 flashlights,
  • two 200 cm tripods,
  • silver umbrella
  • 7" dish
  • softbox 60x90 cm
  • barndoors
  • snoot
  • transport bag on Quadralite wheels
  • navigator kit
  • original packaging

Manufacturer's warranty:

  • 2 years

Data sheet

Zestawy lamp

Maximum power (Ws) 800