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QSP Start

The pack allows you to register one product for the Quadralite Support Program.

QSP Start Package is mandatory.

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150,00 zł inkl. MwSt.

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Thought with many years of experience, we have decided to adopt new solutions that gives you the opportunity to speed up the procedures and help with replacement broken equipment . We know that any failure or technical issue stops your business and destroy creativity. Our mission is to help the most demanding photographers, so that they can focus on delivering photos to their Clients.

With Quadralite Support Program, you get:

  • 3 years of support,

  • replacement for repair time,

  • priority repair path,

  • opportunity to test our latest products,

  • dedicated support department.

The QSP program includes the following series of lamps:

  • Quadralite Atlas

  • Quadralite Reporter

  • Quadralite Pulse Pro X

  • Quadralite Pulse 

  • Quadralite Move


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